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Tips for Home Sellers

Sharon Holland, Realtor®, has tips for selling your home or property:

1. Determine a Good Price

Your Realtor®, Sharon, will be able to determine the market value of your home by comparing it with recently sold similar ones in the area.  If you want to sell a house fast, you need to list with a good price.

2. Offer Buyer Incentives

To give your home an edge over other homes for sale consider offering buyer incentives.  If you feel your home is going to be a tough sell, you could offer to pay the purchaser’s closing costs. Or you could offer to pay for new paint, new carpet, hardwood floors, or new appliances.

3. The Importance of Early Activity

There is usually a lot of activity surounding a home when it comes on the market and it is a crucial time when potential buyers take notice.  If the home is overpriced, it doesn’t take long for interested parties to move on so by the time the price drops, a majority of buyers are lost.

4. The First Offer is the Best Offer

There is an old adage, that although may not always be true, it is more often than not.  Unless the offer is ridiculous, waiting for a better one is usually a waste of time when you are trying to sell a house fast.

5. The Major Elements of an Offer

Familiarize yourself with the following major elements of an offer:

Price - Depending on the market and the local market conditions, the price offered may be different from the asking price.

Deposit - The deposit shows the buyer’s good faith and will be applied against the purchase price of the home when the sale closes. Your REALTOR® can advise you on the suitability of the amount of the deposit being offered.

Terms - Includes the total price the buyer is offering as well as the financing details. The buyer may be arranging their own financing or may ask to assume your existing mortgage if you have an attractive rate.

Conditions - These might include “subject to home inspection”, “subject to buyer obtaining financing”, or “subject to the sale of the purchaser’s property.” 

Inclusions and Exclusions - These might include appliances and certain fixtures or decorative items, such as window coverings or mirrors. Ensure that anything that you, as the Seller, want to take with you and is not to be included in the sale of the hosue, is clearly written in the Offer to Purchase.

Closing, or Possession Date - Generally, the day the title of the property is legally transferred and the transaction of funds finalized unless otherwise states (except in Manitoba and Quebec). Note: in B.C. the Possession Date is legally 1 to 3 days after the closing.

1. Things To Do Before You List Your House

1. Touch up, paint, repair, or replace worn or damaged items.  Make sure all light bulbs work.
2. Clean your house both inside, and outside.  Don't forget the windows.
3. Declutter and remove personal items.  You want to encourage an environment whereby potential buyers can imagine themselves and their items in the house.
4. Home photos of a beautiful garden or view are helpful when selling in winter months.
5. Have a copy of your property survey.
6. Tidy up your landscaping - yard, lawn, gardens, driveway, walkways

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